What is an Audio Engineer

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What is an audio engineer? In case you’re are making music, or recording audio you are an audio engineer. Of course, this is a broadest answer possible. To be more specific I have give you a list of 5 duties that I think define the trendy audio Engineer.

Capturing performances – The Audio engineer is chargeable for capturing the performance of the band or artist. As an audio engineer your job is setting up the microphones, arming the tracks in your DAW and hitting report when the artist is ready. This additionally implies that the audio engineer listens back to the captured efficiency and analyzes the recording that was captured to verify it’s an accurate illustration of the artist’s performance. Furthermore, it’s essential know if the performance is of fine quality, or if there are errors and the artist needs to carry out it again. You also have a microphone ready to go always so that you are can capture an artist’s idea at a moments notice.

Thorough Information of Audio Equipment – As an audio engineer you must understand your equipment and be able to use it properly. You understand find out how to capture a performance and ensure it sounds the way the artist or producer has envisioned.

Know how to edit – Probably the most powerful thing concerning the fashionable DAW is it’s ability to edit quickly. In ye olden days there was a producer, an engineer and 1 or 2 assistants and any one in all them would edit takes together by chopping tape. It was a really time consuming process. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to record many takes of a vocal and then rapidly undergo along with your mouse and make a comp of the best parts those takes. The ability of modifying in a DAW could be a huge time saver on a project and any audio engineer ought to understand how and when to make edits.

You work for the consumer – As an audio engineer you work for the client. In house or small studio setting that’s most likely going to be the artist. In a larger commercial studio setting it could possibly be the artist, but it could also be the producer that hired you. In case you’ve been hired because the engineer your role in some situation might be to capture the audio, understand the gear and make the edits, and NOT give production advice.

Know your function – On the other hand there may also be conditions the place the producer or artist will want your input. I have been on sessions before that I wasn’t producing and located myself contributing ideas, or enjoying guitar parts while additionally being there as the audio engineer. It’s essential to know your function on each session, and always deliver your finest work.

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